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3 Ins Technology

... he company dedicates to be the leading OME & ODM manufacturer for color cosmetics and skin care product Covering an area of more than 50000 square meters, it s located in Qingyuan City which is well known as spa town in Guangdong province The factory of 3INS has obtained the certificate or America GMPC and the certificate of EU ISO22716 Besides, 3INS has 21 world-class automated production lines w ...


... et and to provide high-quality insulating materials to global markets and taking the place among the major organizations with new materials and new techniques in the waterproofing industry and to be known about the activities and a preferred brand. With this product range, it has been implemented on roof, building base and side curtain applications on facade; cut and cover tunnel construction, the ...

Anhui Anze Electric

... les, electric appliances, temperatures sensors and thermostats). Anze is Chinese famous brand, Our man products: electric heating cables and mats for indoor floor heating, pipe heating, de-icing and snow-melting; electric radiators; thermostats and relative parts; electric heating elements for referigerator, air conditional, washing machine. Продукты компании * cables electric heating cables ma ...

... parts; electric heating elements for referigerator, air conditional, washing machine. Продукты компании * cables electric heating cables mats for indoor floor heating, pipe heating, de-icing and snow-melting; electric radiators; thermostats and relativ... 38 Zhenning Rd., Heli Park, Economic & Tech Development Zone, Ningguo Anhui 242300 Китай Тел.: 86 563 4187578 Факс: 86 563 4187577 http: ...

Anyang Xiangyu Medical Equipment

... ctrotherapy, CPM machine, treatment table, magnetic therapy, heat therapy, steam therapy, compression therapy, massage therapy, traction therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, etc. Till now, we have exported to Europe, Africa, Australia, Middle East and South-east Asia countries, etc. Xiangyu wholeheartedly provides rehabilitation center and physiotherapy center with holistic solu ...


... al and professional manufacturer and service-provider in compressor spare parts, post-treatment equipment and Nitrogen Generator with integration of R&D, designing, manufacturing and marketing. Until now, Apureda Group has set up 4 factories in Shanghai from 2000.we produce air filter, oil filter and air oil separator for screw air compressors, Refrigerated & Desiccant air dryer, and Nitrogen/Oxyg ...


... A-TECH FOl, k, 595; PHARMTECH INGREDIENTS 2017 (k) A-TECH 62-064, Польша, Plewiska, Fabianowska 113 Номера телефона +48 (61) 8906092 Номер факса +48 (61) 6482620; +48 (61) 6482620 А-Тех - современная компания с многолетним опытом в области упаковки для фармацевтической пр ...


... be beauty is the professional company of small beauty devices for spas, beauty and aesthetic salons, individual use and etc Our products are aiming at creative, advanced and innovatory technology and now launching in the world We`ve just launched Ultralif - Handy Ultrasonic Skin-Lifting and Tightening device - in this year, and we`ve already introduced UltraLif in Japan, Thailand and some other mi ...


... ing product quality and enhancing our service Thanks to our professional team and advanced equipments as well as the hard work of every staff, our local brand Guangba has become one of the most well-known brands in the hair beauty product industry Продукция компании Hair Dryer Сотрудничество Тел : 86-663-8326182 Факс: 86-663-8329381 ...

Bahrain International Airshow

... eeks to give aerospace businesses a personalized experience, offering access to high-level delegations within the aerospace community all within a dedicated arena. Established in 2010, the event is renowned for its world-class facilities providing an opportunity to meet with industry peers and customers and participate in the civil and military delegations programme. Developed as an intimate gathe ...


... We, BEBECO Co ,Ltd had established on 1994 We are running & producing skin care & make up & nail polish also, we are exporing to 15 countries for example China, Twiwan, east asia, iran, e t c Now, we are continuously developing new products So, if you are interested in, please feel free contact us Новинки компании Anti-Wrinkle Skin Care series Whitening & Moisturizing Skin Care Series Eye ...

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